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As one of Austin TX's Premier Interior Decorators, I am available to affordably work with you to help make the spaces within your home unique and creatively identifiable to you, your likes and your tastes.


My home decorating services widely range from things like helping with paint colors to arrangements of furniture to decorating with accessories for your Austin TX home.

Please see below for a list of my Austin Interior Decorating services.  It is my goal to get to know you, your likes and your preferences so that I can make decorating recommendations that will be made specifically for you and your personality.  Not everyone has the same likes, opinions and preferences about how their home should be decorated, this is why it is important that I work with you to figure out what your sense of style is so that I can create unique spaces and a personal style just for you. 

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If you are worried about the costs, if this all sounds too expensive to you, don’t be, everyone I have worked with have all been pleasantly surprised at how affordable and efficient with my time I have been for them.  This is not my only source of income, my husband and I have other businesses, therefore I do not have to try to survive off the sole-income of this one business, thus I can be very giving, lenient and liberal with my time and expenditures.  The end result is that you will get a lot of bang for your buck, and you will get me personally as your personal Austin Interior Decorator, you will not get an employee or a sub-contracted individual.

Interior Decorating Services - Austin, TX

A good Austin Interior Decorator is an artist of interior decor.  Interior decorating is an art, a gift and a talent, it is the ability to mentally see a space’s decorating potential and being capable of implementing those visions using the likes of furniture, paint, flooring, furnishings and decorating items such as wall art and decor accessories. 

The goal of interior decorating is to make a space attractive and functional, while complimenting the architecture of the home and the home-owners personality. 

Home Interior Decoration ranges from the use of furniture, fixtures, painting, wall texture, flooring, artwork, accessories and so much more all in an effort to make the space you are decorating look good and functional.

Paula Hobbs,
Interior Decorator Austin TX
Pop Decor

Interior Rearrangements Interior Decorat

Interior Rearrangements

If you are struggling with how to arrange your furnishings to best optimize the space within your rooms, I can help you rearrange or redesign those rooms using the accessories and furniture that you already own.

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Color Consultation

If you need help picking paint colors for the interior or exterior of your home, I am a seasoned expert at working with colors.  Picking paint colors can be very challenging; for example, small swatch samples may look good on a 2x2 card, but being painted on a large wall will likely look entirely different for you.  For trim and accent colors, colors that compliment but yet work well with each other, all this knowledge of what color combinations to use and what not to use comes from years of color consulting experience.  My many years of experience doing this for people can go a long way towards helping you if you would like my help.

New Home MoveIn Interior Decorator Austi

New Home Move-In

Many people struggle when decorating their new home, as the furniture and decorations they have from their previous home will have to fit differently in this new home.  This process can be timely and mentally draining for an untrained eye that doesn't do this kind of work all the time.  Often people will live out of boxes for a long time, as they just don't know where to put things.  I am very good at seeing a space and knowing how things will fit into that space.  I can quickly and efficiently help you with the placement of your furniture, art and accessories to best accent your homes features so that you can quickly be on your way to enjoying your new home.

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Household Blending & Downsizing

If you are going through a household transition, whether it be the blending from a new marriage or the downsizing of your home, I can help you with this transitional phase.  It can be very stressful to meld two people's belongings, let me as your experienced Austin Home Decorator help you make these emotional decisions of what to keep and use and what not to.  Many people downsize later in life, as they no longer have a need for that large family home, this is called downsizing, and as a decorator I can help you with this process, I can help you determine what fits within your new home and what will not.  My home decorating services can eliminate a lot of unwanted personal stress during these emotional events.

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If you need help accessorizing a room, say you already have the large furniture pieces and you need help with accessory things like adding art to the walls, embellishing the room with color, drapery, adding accessories to the shelves and counter tops, it is all easy enough for me being the veteran I am at these tasks,.  To get started, simply "Schedule Now" your 2 hr Interior Decorating Consultation below and I'll get over there and take care of all this for you.

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Home Staging Services

Home staging is a vital part of preparing your home to be sold.  In our Austin TX real-estate market, our market is very competitive.  There is a lot of home inventory out there that you will have to compete against.  With my home staging skills I can work with you on a consultation basis advising you of what to do yourself or on a furnishing basis where I temporarily decorate your home during the time period the home is being listed.  Please visit my Austin Home Staging page to learn more.

Starting your Interior Decorating project couldn't have been made any simpler !

To get started with my decorating services or to simply just use this an opportunity to try me out, please click on the schedule now button below to process an order for my 2 hour Interior Decorating Consultation.  During this 2 hour visit you can apply my time towards working on what ever you wish giving you the ability to evaluate my abilities and personality to see if I am a decorator that you would like to continue working with.

To schedule your 2 Hour
Interior Decorating Consultation
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Immediately, I will contact you to arrange a convenient time for your interior decorating consultation appointment.

Interior Decorating Consultation $150.00

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